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The Amazon name has become synonymous with eBook readers; with even those mid range paperwhite kindles proving far more powerful than the average eBook reader, Amazon has set the pace by availing a device that is not only affordable but home to a wide range of features. And one of the most anticipated product in 2015 is New Amazon Paperwhite that come with a lot of upgrade features (see reviews below or visit to see full description) and unchanged price. In this site, we reviews and offer you the best deals for ereader product through share new Kindle Paperwhite Coupon, Promo Code updated daily. More over, other Amazon products also update below

New Kindle Paperwhite Coupon, Promo & Deals in January

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2015 Reviews

And the New Kindle Paperwhite more than lives up to expectations.

What to expect

Cheap Kindle Paperwhite Deals, CouponThere is quite a lot to appreciate about Amazon’s New Kindle Paperwhite; availing a display with high readability in all environments, the new kindle has no tactile buttons, instead utilizing controls integrated into the touchscreen and through which one can adjust the device to their liking.

Even while far from the lightest of readers, the new paperwhite is highly portable, thinner than a pencil and weighing no more than seven ounces; with a rubber casing that ensures comfort and considerable battery life, one would be hard-pressed to find a more impressive reader, notable features including the following:

  • Display

The New Kindle paperwhite’s 300 ppi high resolution display promises to deliver 2 times as many pixels as its predecessors, this ensuring crisp clear text; and that isn’t even taking into account the fact that, unlike the typical tablet or smart phone, one need not worry about glare from bright sunlight. The fact that the display makes use of built-in front lights means that it is unlikely to tire your eyes out (this as opposed to back lit tablets).

  • Size

The paperwhite is much lighter than your average paperback; comfortable to handle, the reader is quite portable, easy to hold with a single hand.

  • Battery

The New Kindle Paperwhite has gained a reputation for its reliability primarily because of its powerful battery, a single charge likely to last more than a month depending on the use.

  • Amazon Kindle Voyage CouponPages and Notes

Not only can you add notes to the margins (notes that can be edited and deleted) as well as highlighting texts and sections (which can be shared on social media) but the page flip feature allows readers to skim through pages and chapters or even to skip to the end without losing one’s place.

Along with Smart Lookup (making it possible to search for information from the internet about characters, terms, settings etc), Word Wise (which provides quick and simple definitions to complex words), Whispersync (which synchronizes the last page you read as well as any bookmarks across all your digital devices) and translation capabilities to name but a few, the New Kindle Paperwhite endeavors to simplify the reading experience; and that isn’t even taking into account the Wi-fi option.

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The New Kindle Paperwhite VS. The competition

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Promo CodeConsidering the fact that Amazon has continued to generate new eBook readers at a time where its competitors have all but stalled, it is hardly surprising that the new paperwhite stands so far ahead of its rivals.

Any individual that has utilized other eBook readers will attest to the fact that the new paperwhite is considerably thinner than its competitors, availing a smoother display panel, with inbuilt mechanisms capable of automatically adjusting screen brightness depending on the ambient light.

Considering the affordability of Amazon’s readers, until the new text improvements actually migrate to readers like the Voyage, there is little purpose in looking away from the New Kindle paperwhite.

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