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New Kindle Oasis is the latest one that Amazon has just introduced in the Kindle E-reader family. For all the alterations Amazon has made to its Kindle devices in recent years, the design has remained largely unchanged. Every version of the Paperwhite and the Voyage looks largely the same. As such, it might surprise some people to learn that the New -Kindle Oasis has been drastically redesigned. The culmination of years of research, the New-Kindle Oasis delivers a smooth and pleasant experience. For anyone wanna buy new E-reader devices, Oasis is paying attention. We share new Promo Kindle Oasis Coupon Code and Offer best deals in this site. You can see more deals for other product to get the best choice.

New – Kindle Oasis Coupon & Promo Code in January

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New Kindle Oasis Reviews


The New-Kindle Oasis stands out as far as the design is concerned. Throwing out the popular tablet look, the Oasis is wedge-shaped. With a thick right-hand edge, the Oasis has been designed to shift the center of balance, essentially forcing the device into one’s hand, not only making it more comfortable but that much more difficult to drop.

Sale New - Kindle Oasis Deals and Promotion CodeSurprisingly smaller and lighter (at 131g), the New-Kindle Oasis is also thinner. This is despite its augmented strength, the device’s durability emanating from Amazon’s decision to use structural electroplating to bond metal to a plastic frame.

In the long run, even dropping the device isn’t likely to damage it. More importantly, it eliminates the need for an antenna cut-out.

Also particularly notable is the use of page turn buttons, allowing users to turn pages without using the touchscreen. An integrated accelerometer can detect when the device is turned upside down, this allowing left-handed individuals to utilize the device without much of a hassle.

All in All, the New-Kindle Oasis is slim and comfortable to handle.


The New-Kindle Oasis boasts a 200-micron backplane that makes the screen very clear and far sharper than the Paperwhite’s 300ppi screen. Along with using 60% more LEDs for the front light and promising better diffractive patterns to give more light coverage, the Oasis is able to deliver a brighter and whiter screen.

Because the glass is cut and then chemically strengthened, it will take longer to crack at the sides.

Battery Life

The New-Kindle Oasis has a smaller case; as such, the battery life is a little lacking, having dropped down to two weeks. This is only a fraction of the time that the Paperwhite offers. However, this is where the battery case, which ships with the Oasis, comes into play. When added to the Oasis, the battery case gives the device a traditional tablet feel; it is secured in place using 12 magnets and it should add an impressive seven weeks to the Oasis’ battery life.

Additional features will include the following:

  • -4GB of Storage
  • 1GHz processor
  • There is a 3G+ WiFi option for the most expensive version of the Oasis

Cheap New – Kindle Oasis Coupon, Promotion Code & best price

Deals New - Kindle Oasis Discount CodeIntroducing Kindle Oasis Amazon Official Site s E reader+Pros

1).The Kindle has page buttons for turning pages. Because the screen automatically rotates when the device is turned, you can use the Kindle with either hand.

2). The Oasis features a new tapered design that tilts its center of balance towards the hand, make the device easier to grip and more difficult to drop.

3).The device is crafted with structural electroplating and uses a glass micro-etched screen that ensures the strength and durability of the device.

4).The device comes with a battery case that provides seven additional weeks of battery life.


1).The device is very expensive

2).The device is not waterproof.

3) Besides the new design, the new Kindle doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

Where to Buy Amazon Kindle Oasis

This is one of the best eReaders on the market today. It retains the best features of Amazon’s most impressive readers even while making minute changes that transform the overall experience delivered by the device. From the lightweight build to the durable design, even the New-Kindle Oasis’ considerable price tag has done little to impact its popularity among Kindle fans. We always suggest our customer buy Kindle products on because of the competitive price as well as their services (you can get this item with only one day shipping via sign up free trial 30 days Amazon Prime here). Don’t for get clip new Kindle Oasis Coupon, Promo Code above to get cheaper price. If you need more support, contact us here.Cheap New - Kindle Oasis Coupon, Promo Code

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