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Kindle E-reader Coupon, Promo CodeCheap Kindle E-reader Promotion CodeIf you thought that Amazon had nothing else to show you in the E-Readers arena, prepare to be surprised. The Kindle E-Reader has been refreshed for 2016, and the changes just might convince many naysayers to put their old device down and give this new Kindle E-Reader a try. To some people, the 2016 Kindle E-Reader might not have the biggest changes to boast about, but even the slight transformations can make all the difference in the world. If you are planning to buy a device for reading, Kindle E-reader is the good choice. Furthermore, you can save up to 20$ to buy it on via using new Kindle E-reader Coupon, Promo Code shared below and get free two days shipping (sign up free 30 days trial Amazon Prime). See more details below

Amazon Kindle E-reader Coupon, Promo in January

Last updated new Kindle E-reader Coupon, Promotion Code on January 23, 2018. Where you can get this item with lowest price, and best services.

Cheap Kindle E-reader Coupon Code & Reviews

When you scrutinize the 2016 Kindle, the following features are bound to stand out:

1). This device is actually smaller and lighter. Not only is it 11 percent thinner but it is also 16 percent lighter. Boasting rounded edges and white and black color options, the exterior of the Kindle is crafted from hard and smooth plastic that further cements its durability.

However, more than the look of the device, which still shuns the typical frills found in other E-Readers, the 2016 version of the Kindle E-Reader is noticeably less bulky. You can tell when you actually handle the device. It is definitely easier to work with.

New Kindle E-reader Promotion Code & Best Price2). The E-Reader’s touchscreen display has been augmented to allow people to read it as one would real paper. You need not worry about complications like screen glare, not even when the device is exposed to bright sunlight.

You are guaranteed a comfortable reading experience that doesn’t negatively impact your eyes.

3). The 2016 Kindle’s battery is even stronger. This isn’t like a smartphone that lasts a few hours. The 2016 Kindle E-Reader’s battery will actually last you entire weeks. So, look forward to losing yourself in a good book without the worry of a dying battery.

4). The reading options on offer have actually grown. Not only is the Kindle E-Reader capable of holding thousands of books, but for a small fee of less than $2, you can access more than a million titles.

These small changes are only complements to those other features that have always made the Kindle E-Reader such a popular device for avid readers. For instance, you can still flip through pages as you would any book.

The ��Page Flip’ feature also allows you to highlight certain portions of the book, this while saving pages that you are reading (so that you cannot lose your place).

You can also still share notes and export them. The device has a comprehensive vocabulary builder, translation mechanism, search mechanism, Wireless connectivity, the ability to buy and rent books, and Bluetooth connectivity to mention but a few.

In other words, the 2016 Kindle is just an upgrade, boasting all your favorite features alongside a few new additions.

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Kindle E-reader Pros and Cons


  1. The resolution is amazing.
  2. There is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  3. The Kindle E-Reader is lighter and thinner than its predecessors
  4. The VoiceView Audio mechanism allows visually impaired readers to read books
  5. The price is competitive.


  1. The LED cannot be fully switched off when you are reading.
  2. Advanced features like mp3 playback are missing.
  3. There is no integrated light

Where to buy new Amazon Kindle E-reader

The 2016 Kindle E-Reader is definitely an improvement, worth the price for anyone who is struggling with the idea of upgrading their Kindle E-Reader. The improved design and software upgrades make the device that much easier to utilize. To buy new Amazon Kindle devices, we always high recommend our customers get it on because of the price as well as their services. Don’t forget check new Amazon Kindle E-reader Coupon, Promo Code above to save up to 20$ and free shipping. The codes will expired soon, so clip it as soon as possible. If you need more support, feel free to contact us. We always hope you will satisfied with Kindle and get the best reading experience.

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