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The Kindle Voyage is the latest e-reader by Amazon. Rather than being value focused, it is a high-quality device equipped with fancy, squeezable touch buttons and a crisper screen. In 2007, Amazon’s Kindle started out as an affordable and quite rough device that did not attract a lot of praise. Today, the Kindle Voyage costs $200, with the 3G model going for $290. Potential buyers are definitely wondering if it is worth the price.

The Voyage looks almost exactly like any other Kindle except for the screen. The new screen is now flush with the device’s body, making it look more like a tablet. It also prevents dirt from accumulating in the edges. The device’s build up is also excellent, with little in the way of bend or flex, in spite of it being the lightest Kindle ever made. It weighs 180g, which is 11g lighter than the basic Kindle and 26g lighter than the Paperwhite. Its back has a plastic, soft-touch finish, allowing for a reassured grip. The angular design and thin edges on the back makes it easy to hold the device using one hand.

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Kindle Voyage’s 6 inch screen also crispier, and has a higher pixel density of 300 ppi (pixels per inch). This is higher than that of the Paperwhite’s screen, which has 212 ppi. Users will find out that the text is much clearer, with the ambient light sensors automatically adjusting the backlight. This even backlight and screen combination makes the device’s display probably the best ever included in an e-reader.

According to Amazon’s rating, the Kindle Voyage has a battery life of six weeks. This is with a 30-minute reading per day and a medium backlight, adding up to about 21 hours. With 3G on and a varying backlight of ambient light, it is likely to last about 19 hours. It can last much longer with connectivity turned off and the backlight turned down.

New Valid Kindle Voyage Coupon, Promotion COdeThe reading experience gotten from the Kindle Voyage is among the best available. There are useful features like the X-ray that allows the reader to track the appearances of a character through a novel with an explanation of who they are from Wikipedia. This device is probably the fastest Kindle to date, as its page turns happen instantly. The keyboard and buttons react in a manner similar to that of a touch screen tablet, and little or no amounts of lag exhibited when a user scrolls between books. This makes the experience of this e-book reader similar to that of the snappy tablets and Smartphones that most people are used to.

On the sides of the Voyage are four new buttons hidden in the frame- two on every side of the screen for right or left-handed use. The page-turn buttons are squeezable and require a user-adjustable pressure amount in order to turn the pages.

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In conclusion, there is little doubt that Amazon’s Kindle Voyage is the best e-reader out there. Its screen is the sharpest, easiest to read and most evenly lit. The device is light and can easily be held by the user with one hand. Purchasing Voyage on Amazon, You’ll get great opportunity to save up 30$ and free two days shipping via active Amazon Kindle Voyage Coupon Code above. If you need more assist about this product, or about Voyage Coupon, Discount Code – don’t hesitate to contact us. We also update some valid Kindle paperwhite Coupon for your info

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